Techna Clip LC9SBR Conceal Carry Gun Belt Clip Black Carbon Fiber Belt Mount for Ruger LC9s, EC9s, Pro Right Hand

Product Code:LC9SBR
Dept:Duty Gear


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Techna Clip's Conceal Carry Gun Belt Clip is a concealable gun clip that easily affixes to your sidearm to deliver a secure, lightweight and discreet carry option-without a holster. It installs quickly and requires no gunsmithing to your firearm. The high carbon spring steel belt clip has a Teflon coating which prevents abrasion. This right hand model is compatible with your Ruger LC9s/EC9s/Pro (excluding LC9P/LC9/LC) and has a black finish. It comes with a fully machined threaded frame pin and screw, and extra screws.
Type Belt Clip
Color Black
Material Carbon Fiber
Model Right Hand
Model Fit Ruger LC9s/EC9s/Pro
Mount Type Belt
Belt Size
Shell Count
Caliber or Gauge

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