CVA AC1550AT Powerbelt Aerolite 50 Black Powder AeroTip 250 GR 15 Pack

Product Code:AC1550AT


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AeroLite muzzleloader bullets are longer than other PowerBelt bullets; the design improves the aerodynamics so it shoots flatter and faster for improved accuracy at longer ranges. But the real difference is that it has a much larger hollow point cavity, which maximizes expansion capability while reducing weight from the bullet's core. The polycarbonate tip is vital to getting proper expansion, and this uniquely tapered projectile will provide velocities of 1800 fps with a standard 100-Grain charge. It can be used with magnum loads of up to 150 Grains.
Caliber 50 Black Powder
Bullet Type AeroTip
Bullet Weight 250 GR
Rounds Per Box 15
Bullet Coating
Game Type

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